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      Recipes — Pesto

      Wild Garlic & Basil Pesto

      Wild Garlic & Basil Pesto

      Recipe by Laura Ruth

      • 60 g of toasted mixed pinenuts & 60g of toasted pumpkin seeds

      • 100 g wild garlic leaves

      • 2 handfuls of basil

      • 110 g Parmesan cheese

      • 220 ml of olive oil

      • sea salt

      • a generous squeeze of lemon juice (optional)

      1. Wash the wild garlic leaves thoroughly.

      2. Transfer half of your greens and nuts/seeds to the blender, add the olive oil and whiz to a smooth paste. Add the remaining leaves, together with nuts/seeds and Parmesan cheese, a pinch of sea salt and/or a squeeze of lemon juice (optional) and pulse for a few seconds until you have a coarse pesto.

      3.Taste. Adjust seasoning, add either more nuts/seeds, leaves or olive oil if necessary. Serve immediately. Pop whatever is left into a jar, drizzle a bit of oil over the top, cover and store in the fridge for a week.

      Recipe by Laura Ruth