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      Borja Moronta Pottery

      About Borja Moronta

      Originally from Asturias, northern Spain, Borja settled in Edinburgh after graduating as an Architect in 2016 (Madrid Polytechnic University). Throughout university, he had a significant interest in different disciplines such as photography, ceramics or carpentry. He always felt drawn to that architecture which focuses on the materiality of the buildings.

      His pottery practice began at the beginning of 2018, as part of a recovery process from a painful surgery due to nerve damage on his left hand. He joined Edinburgh Ceramics Workshop evening classes and soon became a member. Borja worked his way through the ECW structure and became part of their Incubator programme for emerging ceramicists in July 2019. setting up his own studio just a year later.

      Today, based in his Edinburgh studio, based in Abbeymount, Borja makes ceramics that follow basic, calmed and natural forms on a soft tone palette. Each piece is individually crafted on his potter’s wheel, showing all the nature of handmade.

      Root to Market - Borja Moronta Pottery