About Us

Who we are

Root to Market is brought to you by the Fhior team.

A lifeline building  on our relationships and maintaining connections with our valued clients and our producers is at its core.

Created in early 2020 this determined solution’s purpose was, and still is, to ensure  that you would not miss out on the Fhior experience in what were ,and are, challenging times . Ever since, we have been bringing the expertise of our restaurant’s’ professional chefs and sommeliers straight to your door.

The best local quality produce  sourced from our carefully selected independent producers ensuring that you will never miss out on the Fhior experience, whether that be for your weekly shop, or when you are planning a special occasion.

Our dedication is to deliver the best of Fhior through carefully selected items is our purpose, from which we will never waiver.

Our story

In response to the impact of COVID-19 last year, Root To Market has supported the hospitality sector ever since.

In an extremely challenging environment for our supplier and producer partners we continue to ensure that they, and we, are able to thrive, through adapting and adding to our offering. Nimble in our approach.

In doing so jobs have been created and maintained, with convenience, confidence and the Fhior experience delivered directly to our clients.


Our mission

We aim to be that important and sustainable link connecting the public with our producers, providing the produce normally reserved for the UK’s best restaurants directly.

We balance affordability with supplier fairness.