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      ABOUT US

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      Who We Are

      Root to Market was started by the team behind Fhior restaurant.

      We were started by professional chefs, sommeliers, waiters, and managers who have spent years working in some of the UK's best restaurants.

      We don’t come from a distribution background and we have had to build all our systems and structures from the ground up; but we don’t see this as a disadvantage, in fact we see this as our greatest strength as we get to build something that is grounded on our principles of what we think the standard should be: To work with all the producers and suppliers that we built relationships through the restaurant, and to support them and the local economy.

      What we lacked in experience, we are making up for in determination, passion, and sheer hard work to provide you with high quality, sustainable produce, straight to your door.

      Our Story

      Root to Market was set up as a response the sudden closure of the hospitality sector amid the COVID-19 crisis.

      We understood that we would needed to adapt quickly to be able to survive as a business, but it also became very clear to us that there was little point in us surviving if the incredible suppliers and producers that made our restaurant what it is didn’t.

      So, Root to Market was born as a solution to allow us to diversify, create new jobs, support our local supply chain and to create a safe and convenient alternative for the public than going to the supermarkets.

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      Our mission

      We are working hard to become an important and sustainable link for our producers that can provide the public with some of the countries best produce that is usually reserved for most of the UK's best restaurants.

      Keeping it affordable for the public, and ensuring that the suppliers are getting paid a fair price.

      About Us