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      Edinburgh Fermentarium is a small, hands-on business founded by Ruth Munro in 2017. It all started when Ruth went on a course learning how to make Korean Kimchi. She then began making it for friends, and it progressed into the small business that it is today.

      When Ruth started eating fermented foods her health changed for the better. After years of cutting various things out of her diet, from gluten to dairy and much more, she found that adding fermented food and drinks to a healthy balanced diet put her system back in balance and so she wanted to share this amazing traditional food with everyone!

      Fermented foods are very popular in other countries, but there are only a few makers in Scotland. These naturally fermented vegetables contain probiotics which means they are great for your guts and immune system. The ferments are all made from scratch in their premises in Duddingston, and are unpasteurised and contain no vinegar. Where possible they use locally sourced vegetables.

      Edinburgh Fermentarium believe the art, science and joy of fermentation is a skill that should be democratised and shared! Since starting the business, Ruth has always been inspired by great tastes and has constantly been on a learning journey, collaborating and experimenting to create new recipes and products. Until recently, they held regular fermentation workshops and had planned a range of guest workshops for 2020.

      Fermentation is a great way to prevent food waste, so they aim to reduce food waste by developing new products and processes that will reduce the amount of scraps that go into their compost bin! They reduce waste by reusing wherever we can, and recycle with Changeworks recycling, a local recycling business. Committed to limiting their use of plastic, they ferment the range in small batches in glass jars, a practice that they believe is quite rare amongst commercially-available ferments.

      Edinburgh Fermentarium