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      Sweetdram was founded in 2014 by Andrew MacLeod Smith and Daniel Fisher, who met in 2011 while studying for their Master’s degrees in brewing and distilling.

      After the course, the pair kept in touch to flesh out an idea they had for a modern drinks brand focused entirely on original flavour instead of conventional categories and repetitive trends. In 2014, they started Sweetdram. 

      Based inside a massive industrial warehouse in Sighthill, Edinburgh, the Sweetdram distillery is an immersive contemporary space and an exciting work-in-progress.

      The production room, located behind pink doors, houses their custom-made copper pot still, which was designed specifically for their flagship release, Escubac – a spicy, citrusy juniper-free botanical spirit for modern drinkers suffering from gin fatigue.

      They’ve continued to push other categories with their progressively dry, aromatic Smoked Spiced Rum; and their most recent release – Whisky Amaro – the world’s first Scotch whisky-based amaro.

      The rest of the site has been transformed into a non-profit events space and community hub called 54EP.

      Both Sweetdram and 54EP are proud sponsors of the Scottish Album of the Year (SAY) Award and fervent supporters of the arts, creative and music sectors in Scotland.

      Instagram -  @sweetdram