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      Butter That's got Culture

      Hilary and Nick have been working in food in some respect for years. Hilary trained at Ballymaloe and Nick has been cooking since he was a child. In 2016 they started Stockbridge Social Club together. A pop-up restaurant in their house in Edinburgh and spent 2 years running dinners for hundreds of guests. Towards the end of 2017 they decided that they needed to find a business that mixed their passion for food and flavour with the ability to make a living!

      As such The Edinburgh Butter Co was born. Focusing on an ethos of locally sourced produce we aim to make some of the finest, flavour rich butters you have ever tasted. Time and effort is spent on the production process to ensure they maintain the quality we want to deliver to their customers.
      They produce butter following traditional French methods of production and don't believe in rushing things

      Their process involves taking double cream, adding lactic cultures and allowing it to ferment for 24 hours at a very specific temperature. This produces a rich and silky creme fraiche which after 4 more days in the fridge is slow churned in batches then shaped and hand packaged. The only thing they add are lactic cultures and a small sprinkling of Maldon Sea Salt to lift the natural flavours of the butter. 

      The result is an extremely high quality, creamy and rich salted cultured butter with no added preservatives, colouring or stabilisers and packed full of probiotics.

      Churned in Edinburgh, these guys make butter as good as it can get and compromise nothing in favour of taste

      Instagram -  @theedinburghbutterco

      The Edinburgh Butter Company