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      The simple stuff done right.

      Twelve Triangles was started by Rachel and Emily just over 5 years ago. They both came from arts followed by bakery backgrounds. They met when making cakes together and decided we wanted to branch out and create something that they felt was a daily necessity for our community so they learnt how to make sourdough.

      They spent 3 months making it in the bakery everyday and never sending it anywhere whilst we started to get to grasps with how it worked, then finally opened their first store on Brunswick Street at the top of Leith Walk.

      Alongside sourdough, they make a selection of croissants, cinnamon buns and other dough based goods but following the same ethos of trying to ensure that the very best is provided for the community that they can. All their ingredients are sourced as ethically and locally as possible, of the highest possible quality. They believe that their product building blocks should be as basic as possible and never add any improvers, enhancers or additives to the breads or pastries. All of the products whether sour or yeasted are slowly fermented with some products taking 4 days from start to finish to produce. By working this way they know they are making the best of the ingredients unlocking not only the flavour but the nutritional benefit from the flour and other ingredients used.

      Their belief as a business is that it is important to support the local economy and work with as many local producers around as possible. They work with several different independent mills from around Scotland and the UK. This allows them to make the best bread they can using a mixture of flours for their flavours, with stone ground flour grown and milled in Yorkshire as well as flour that is grown and milled as close as 15 miles away.

      Their butter comes from the Edinburgh Butter Company who culture their own butter from Scottish cream, use milk form Mossgiel in Ayrshire and work with independent farms throughout the seasons for fruit and veg.

      Twelve Triangles