Buck & Birch Bottled Cocktails - The Aelder Toddy (150ml)

Buck & Birch Bottled Cocktails - The Aelder Toddy (150ml)

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150ml - SERVES 2

A typically wild twist on a classic form the Buck & Birch team. Inspired by a recipe for hot elder wine sold on the streets of London in the 1860s.
Buck & Birch have combined their award winning elderberry liqueur with whisky, crab apple juice, quince, bramble and spiced with wild botanicals foraged in East Lothian. The resulting drink is rich, spicy and warming - perfect on a cold winters day.

A deliciously festive warm cocktail, each 150ml bottle contains 2 servings. The cocktail is made by topping up 75mls of the Aelder toddy with 75 -159ml hot water. For more of a kick pour the entire contents of the bottle into a pan with 150ml cider or apple juice and heat.

Alternatively, serve it chilled over ice or add 15mls to a prosecco or champagne for a festive kir royale.