Orkney Craft Vinegar - Smoked Dulse Vinegar (250ml)

Orkney Craft Vinegar - Smoked Dulse Vinegar (250ml)

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A dulse seaweed wine, fermented into vinegar and infused with Mara Seaweed's Applewood Smoked Dulse. A versatile vinegar with smoky, meaty, umami flavours.

Fresh dulse for the seaweed wine is sustainably handpicked in season at low tide on the shores of Birsay, Orkney. Mara Seaweed's organic dulse for their Smoked Dulse is also sustainably hand-harvested in Scotland, in the East Neuk of Fife.


Orkney Craft Vinegar - Hyperlocal and sustainable brewery, producing handcrafted vinegar in Orkney. Raw, unfiltered, unpasteurised, living vinegar with the mother.