Pincer Vodka - 70cl. 38%

Pincer Vodka - 70cl. 38%

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Pincer Botanical Vodka is a unique Scottish wheat vodka, infused with the delicate balance of Milk Thistle and Wild Elderflower. These ingredients together with soft Scottish water and centuries of distilling experience, make Pincer a perfect vodka with an exquisite herbal character.

The infusion of pure wheat vodka and Scottish water with the natural botanical extracts of Milk Thistle and Wild Elderflower achieves the perfectly creamy balance of sweetness and warmth.

Serving Suggestion - With its exceptional flavour and versatility, Pincer can be enjoyed in many ways. Neat or on the rocks, or with your favourite mixer. Try adding a splash of Soda or sparkling wine for a delicious long vodka or a refreshing spritz.

Tasting Notes - Earthy flint notes on the nose. Fruity and floral taste. Honey texture. Clean, herbaceous finish.


70cl. 38% ALC/VOL