Scottish Rapeseed Creamed Honey (400g)

Scottish Rapeseed Creamed Honey (400g)

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Scottish Rapeseed honey is considered to be the ugly duckling of all the honey types. Still, it is one of the first primary food sources for bees, and it’s essential for a good start to the beekeeping season as the girls tend to multiply very quickly due to high pollen content on the OSR flowers.

The creaming process is a very prolonged and time-consuming exercise due to the creaming machine's rhythm of work. It churns honey with special paddles in a vessel every hour for 15 mins 24/7. To achieve perfect smoothness sometimes takes up to 2 weeks of this process and then a week of settling down for all the air bubbles to escape.

The results are worth the wait!

The creamy sensation is irresistible, and even a year after production, the honey retains a butter-like texture.


Produce of Scotland