Scottish Blossom Honey (400g)

Scottish Blossom Honey (400g)

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Edinburgh Honey Co. Scottish Blossom Honey comes from their very own apiary at the Falkland Estate in Fife, located in the heart of the estate near an apple orchard and surrounded by wildflowers and woodland.

Their bees get to enjoy apple blossom nectar as well as clover, Himalayan balsam, oak, lime and other wildflowers.

It is an organic land, so the bees are thriving there, and the honey produced is incredible.

- In the early spring the bees enjoy the light and delicate blossom mostly from apple bloom and rapeseed that is being farmed at the estate.
 - Later throughout the summer bees forage on local trees such as Linden, Willow, Oak, Chestnut, and clover, phacelia and other wildflowers.


Produce of Scotland