Seabuckthorn Scotland - Buck Russian (250ml)

Seabuckthorn Scotland - Buck Russian (250ml)

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Buck Russian 250ml

A secret recipe adapted from a Russian hangover cure, it uses an ancient method of wildcrafting the berries and combines the fresh raw juice with ginger and beet sugar to tantalise your taste buds, while providing all the amazing nutrition of the berries at the same time. If you like sour sweets you will love this!

These 250ml bottles and are designed to be taken once a day as a morning “pick me up” in a 25-50ml shot.

Try our recipes for a refreshing Seabuckthorn Margarita, and a sweet Seabuckthorn Curd!

Shelf life: The fresh juice is fine in the fridge for 2 weeks.

Suitable for Vegans and Allergen free